Engineering and loading therapeutic extracellular vesicles for clinicaltranslation: A data reporting frame for comparability

  • Journal and date :

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews; 2021

  • Authors :

Max Piffoux, Jeanne Volatron, Kondareddy Cherukula, Kelly Aubertin, Claire Wilhelm, Amanda K.A. Silva, Florence Gazeau

  • Abstract :

Extracellular vesicles (EVs) have emerged as new drug delivery systems as well as a regenerative cell-free effectors going beyond academic research to reach industrial research and development (R&D). Many proof-of-concept studies are now published describing the delivery of drugs, nanoparticles or biologics among which nucleic acids, proteins, viruses, etc. Their main interests rely on their intrinsic biocompatibility, targeting capabilities and biological activities. The possibility of loading EVs with exogenous therapeutic drug/nanoparticles or imaging tracers opens up the perspectives to extend EV therapeutic properties and enable EV tracking. Clinical translation is still hampered by the difficulty to produce and load EVs with large scale, efficient and cGMP methods. In this review, we critically discuss important notions related to EV engineering and the methods available with a particular focus on technologies fitted for clinical translation. Besides, we provide a tentative data reporting frame in order to support comparability and standardization in the field.

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