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Extracellular vesicles (EVs) or exosomes are subcellular entities released by cells. It is becoming widely known that exosomes are as effective as cell therapies for tissue regeneration for diseases such as stroke, heart failure, arthritis while being safer and more convenient for supply chains. Therefore, they could be a key asset to the future health of an ageing population and are increasingly explored by many stakeholders.

However, the ability to manufacture quantities of exosomes compatible with human use is a major challenge for the diffusion of this innovation. Indeed, the major hindrance to overcome for rendering exosome-based therapies clinically feasible is a cost-effective large-scale standardized production platform complying with regulatory issues and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP). Existing production methods gives low manufacturing yields, are not all scalable and are very time consuming, rarely GMP compliant, making clinical translation of exosome-based therapeutics very difficult.

With its breakthrough technology, EVerZom is adressing this challenge and works towards the democratization of exosome-based-therapies.


everzom technology

EVerZom is a spin-off from a CNRS laboratory at Paris Université who invented and patented a disruptive method to produce exosomes at high yield and large scale.

Our process to trigger massive exosome release consists in applying a turbulence stimulation on cells.

This technology offers key advantages such as high yield production (10 times more vesicles in 1/10th of the time for mesenchymal stem cells (MSC)), large scale, GMP compatibility and shorter process.

everzom offers

Based on this proprietary technology, EVerZom is the first dedicated exosome service company and aims to establish the leading European GMP compliant exosome CDMO (Contract Development Manufacturing Organization) dedicated to exosome biotechs, research institutions and Big Pharmas.

We offer dedicated production and scale up services with our technology at any stage of development (discovery, pre-clinical, clinical). From your cells, we run engineering production tests to evaluate the yield improvement with our technnology before a large scale production.

As an exosome service company, we also provide a large panel of services for exosome development like exosome production, characterization, isolation/purification and engineering services.

If you are interested in testing our technology to manufacture exosomes at large scale or any of our exosome services, please contact us at contact@everzom.com.

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