Our history

From the start…

The company EVerZom has been officially created in September 2019 but it all started in July 2017 with the birth of the EVerZom project at Matière et Systèmes Complexes Lab with the filing of the first EverZom patent by Université de Paris/CNRS and Genethon. Jeanne & Nicolas association and start of full time work in May 2018.

everzom history

… to Deeptech Founders Training

In September 2018, EVerZom integrated Deeptech Founders Training, a unique program for entrepreneurial scientists and engineers to accelerate their startup projects. We were trained in a six-month program with one four-hour session per week. We had three months to discover the basics and challenges of entrepreneurship, calling on the brains of experienced entrepreneurs and then three months to challenge our hypothesis, improve our business model, validate our target markets, identify early adopters and key partners.

Deeptech Founders Training

EVerZom, winner of several prizes

Since 2018, EVerZom has made a name for itself in the biomedical field and has been the recipient of several international awards and recognitions for its technology and services.

A breakthrough technology

The start-up EVerZom, which emerged from the University of Paris’ Matter and Complex Systems Laboratory, is innovating in biotherapy by proposing a platform for the production of extracellular vesicles, “travelling” cells capable of regenerating damaged tissue. Interview with Jeanne, Nicolas and Julien who tell us about their innovation and their collective adventure.

A breakthrough technology

Paris Biotech Santé incubator & Wilco

In February 2019, EVerZom joined Paris Biotech Santé. It selects and supports the creation and development of 10 new startup projects every year thanks to a personalized monthly follow-up on all aspects of its growth, whether legal, regulatory, technical or economic, in order to enhance the value of their research and obtain significant financing. Paris Biotech Santé is an association funded from the outset by the Ministry of Research, the City of Paris and the Ile-de-France Region.

Then, in June 2019, EVerZom joined WILCO, the only startup accelerator in Europe offering a 3-year, 3-step accelerator program onboarding 150 new startups every year in 5 industry-specific accelerators such as Healthcare, Retail, Industry, Digital and BtoC.

Paris Biotech Santé Wilco

Erganeo & EVerZom

An important step for EVerZom in December 2019 when Erganeo signed a licensing agreement with EverZom, creating a platform for the production of biological tools, extracellular vesicles, to benefit the emergence of tomorrow’s biotherapies. Our TTO Erganeo is a French investment company specialising in disruptive innovations with a strong societal impact. As a member of the SATT Network, Erganeo is laying the foundations for a desirable future in the Paris Region ecosystem, a pool of innovation rich of 20,000 researchers in more than 370 cutting-edge research laboratories.