Extracellular vesicles for personalized medicine: The input of physically triggered production, loading and theranostic properties

  • Journal and date :

Advanced Drug Delivery Reviews ; 2018

  • Authors :

Max Piffoux, Alba Nicolás-Boluda, Vladmir Mulens-Arias, Sophie Richard, Gabriel Rahmi, Florence Gazeau, Claire Wilhelm, Amanda K.A. Silva

  • Abstract :

Emerging advances in extracellular vesicle (EV) research brings along new promises for tailoring clinical treatments in order to meet specific disease features of each patient in a personalized medicine concept. EVs may act as regenerative effectors conveying endogenous therapeutic factors from parent cells or constitute a bio-camouflaged delivery system for exogenous therapeutic agents. Physical stimulation may be an important tool in the field of EVs for personalized therapy by powering EV production, loading and therapeutic properties. Physically-triggered EV production is inspired by naturally occurring EV release by shear stress in blood vessels. Bioinspired physically-triggered EV production technologies may bring along high yield advantages combined to scalability assets. Physical stimulation may also provide new prospects for high-efficient EV loading. Additionally, physically-triggered EV theranostic properties brings new hopes for spatio-temporal controlled therapy combined to tracking. Technological considerations related to EV based personalized medicine and the input of physical stimulation on EV production, loading and theranostic properties will be overviewed herein.

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