Providing a large scale manufacturing platform of Extracellular vesicles

everzom mission

Extracellular vesicles are subcellular entities released by cells. EVs have protective and reparative properties representing an important therapeutic tool. There is a major challenge in the production of EVs at scale which is holding back the development of new therapies.

With its breakthrough technology, EVerZom is adressing this challenge and works towards the democratization of EVs based therapies.

everzom technology

EVerZom is a spin-off from a CNRS laboratory at Paris Université who invented and patented a disruptive method to produce EVs at high yield and large scale.

Our process to trigger massive EV release consists in applying a turbulence stimulation on cells.

This technology offers key advantages such as high yield production (10 times more vesicles in 1/10th of the time for MSC cells), large scaleGMP compatibility and shorter process.

everzom offers

EVerZom creates a new EV manufacturing platform on demand :

From your cells, we run engineering production tests to evaluate the yield improvement with our technology before a large scale production.

If you are interested in testing our technology, please contact us with your needs at

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